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What is the best time to visit Hunter Valley?

A trip to Australia’s most historic wine growing region is a wonderful way to indulge one’s senses. You can look forwards to visiting picturesque vineyards, serene landscapes, and exciting restaurants.

The Hunter Valley is considered to be the cradle of winemaking in Australia. It is well-known all over the world as a destination for gourmands due to the exquisite varieties of Semillon and Shiraz that it produces. Every nook and cranny of the region is brimming with opportunities to indulge, thanks to the presence of more than 150 cellar doors, and an increasing number of forward-thinking restaurants. Its long history of farming makes it possible to have incredible “paddock to plate” and “biodynamic” experiences, which add an extra layer of gratification to the delectable gourmet treats you enjoy. While you are there, you can take in the natural beauty of the area, relax at one of the many day spas, or let loose and sing your heart out to live music that is played between the vines.

So, when is the best time to visit the Hunter Valley? The answer is not a simple one, as the change in seasons bring the opportunity for different ways to experience all the beauty the region has to offer. To help you decide what might be the most appealing time for you, here is a brief breakdown of the best the different seasons bring out of the area.


The delicate, light green foliage of the vines comes to life in the spring, and in the background, you can see rolling hills. Flowers can be found just about anywhere, and the Spring Festival of Flowers is held every year in September at Hunter Valley Gardens, where it is a breathtaking sight.

Don’t even entertain the thought of skipping out on your scheduled visit to the Hunter Valley Gardens! There are waterfalls, statues, murals, and a whole lot more dotted throughout the eight kilometres of walking paths that wind their way through the fourteen hectares of gardens that make up the park. In total, there are over 6,000 trees, 600,000 shrubs, and over one million ground cover plants. The ten distinct gardens, each with its own theme, demonstrate the artistic merit of gardens from different parts of the world and incorporate both indigenous and non-native species of plants. The bursts of new colour and foliage, along with the pleasantly mild spring temperature, lend themselves perfectly to viewing the region by hot air balloon. Spring is also the slowest season in terms of accommodation bookings, so check for the best deals.


The Hunter Valley comes alive in summer as the annual harvest begins. Grapes and visitors alike benefit from the intermittent thunderstorms and refreshing ocean breezes that blow during the warm days. During the summer, when the days are warm and the nights are filled with stars, you have the perfect setting for any special occasion. Summer is the peak period for winery-based activities, like tastings and tours. It is also the most popular season for weddings, with many venues to choose from to celebrate nuptials.


The natural hues of the Hunter valley change again with the onset of autumn. Vine leaves change to a variety of red, yellow, and orange shades, providing a feast for the eyes that, much like springtime, can be best viewed from the kind of vantage point that can only be offered by a hot air balloon ride. Don’t think the feast is just for the eyes though! Autumn is the traditional season to celebrate the harvest, so expect plenty of opportunity to pair some of the region’s finest tipples with beautiful food at events like the Lovedale Long Lunch . The temperatures, though cooling, are perfect for meandering through the countryside and exploring the natural wonders of the Hunter Valley.


The winter season in the Hunter Valley is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with crystal clear blue skies and average temperatures of about 18 degrees Celsius.

Are you going on this trip with your significant other or with one of your best friends? You can save the money that you would normally spend on a large, grand house or an oversized hotel room by staying in a tiny house that is fully equipped with a kitchen, a cosy bed, and even a fireplace. This will give you the opportunity to experience the most recent advancements in architectural design and perfectly complimented by a glass of rich, soothing local Shiraz.

Winter is also time for the showpiece event of the Hunter Valley, The Hunter Valley Wine & Beer Festival. Covering all the best beer, wine, and cider the Valley has to offer with incredible food, a myriad of associated events, and yes, even activities for the kids. Temperatures are cooler, especially at nights, but the choice of activities is just as hot during winter in the Hunter Valley.

Whatever the time of year Hunter Valley Tours can show you the best the region has to offer

Whatever the time of year Hunter Valley Tours can show you the best the region has to offer

Wine tasting tours in the Hunter Valley are a speciality of Hunter Valley Tours, a tour company that caters to small groups and specialises in providing guests with an unforgettable experience. We believe that our wine tasting tours are all about the guests in attendance. We concentrate on you and your stay in the Hunter Valley, and we do everything we can to make that time as relaxing, pleasant, and enjoyable as possible for you.

We are a small but friendly, well presented, professional, polite, and energetic team of tour guides, whose primary goal is to provide you with the very best local touring service in the Hunter Valley and to ensure that your tour of the Hunter Valley is a pleasurable experience. We hope to tell you about some of our lesser-known, five-star boutique cellar doors; introduce you to some of the warm and welcoming locals who work in the wine industry, such as winemakers and vineyard owners; let you try some of our incredible regional wines; provide you with a taste of our delicious fare; and share with you a tale or two about some of the interesting things that have happened to us during the many years that we have been offering tours.

People who have mobility requirements, restrictions, or who use mobility aids, such as a wheelchair or scooter, are welcome to participate in the accessible tours offered by Hunter Valley Tours.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram or contact us directly on 0456 737 888 or via email at info@hvtours.com.au .

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