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Things to Do in Hunter Valley in Winter

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy Hunter Valley with family and friends.

How would you like to chase the winter blues away? The Hunter Valley offers extraordinary winter adventures you can’t afford to miss. The months of June to August have cold weather, with a temperature range from 7.3 C to 18.3 C. Most people prefer to stay indoors, read a good book, and cosy up in bed at this time. Winter is a slow season in tourism, but that may work well for your budget.

Is Hunter Valley fun in winter

Is Hunter Valley fun in winter?

There can never be a better time than winter to enjoy exquisite wine and sumptuous food with family and friends. It is also a perfect time for couples to kindle a fire that sets the stage for romance. What could be more romantic than gazing at the scenic blue winter sky with your other half in Hunter Valley?

Why Holiday in Winter?

It would be nice to take advantage of a cheaper accommodation that costs less than peak season charges. Here are some awesome things to do in Hunter Valley in winter.

Horse ride through the vineyards

Enjoy a stunning view of the Hunter Valley wine country, as your well-trained horse gallops their way around. A guided tour will let you weave around the rolling vineyards, as you listen to fascinating stories about the history of the magnificent estates surrounding the vineyards.

Cruise the vineyards by bike

If you are not in the mood for horseback riding, another option is to cruise around the vineyards on a bike. The feel of cold air brushing against your face is refreshing and makes the bike ride an exhilarating experience.

Watch the sun rise from hot air balloons

Watch the sun rise from hot air balloons

Have you tried watching the glorious winter sun emerging from behind the clouds and reflecting streaks of light into mother earth? How about witnessing the spectacular sunrise from the height of a hot air balloon? The view from the top is fascinating as you see the rolling vineyards over the hills of the Hunter Valley wine country kissed by the sun. It is indeed a beautiful sight to watch with family and loved ones.

Have icy fun in the Hunter Valley Gardens

Get your winter apparel and head to the magical Snow Time in the Gardens. Each year, the Hunter Valley gardens transform into a winter wonderland in the winter months. Icy fun-filled activities await people from all walks of life. Regardless of age, guests will have an exciting time building a snowman, ice-skating on the ice rink, or tobogganing down the giant ice slide. The amusement rides like the gigantic Ferris wheel, spinning teacups, and the all-time favourite carousel are also fun. You may sit on a chair swing as you take candid photos. It will be a winter affair to remember for decades to come.

Enjoy the winter school holidays in snow play zones

Take advantage of the winter school holidays. The family will enjoy ice skating and building a snowman in various snow play zones. It would be nice to create unforgettable winter memories for you and your loved ones.

Join the Hunter Valley Wine Festival

The Hunter Valley Wine Festival is a highly anticipated festival that spans two months, usually from May until the end of June. It showcases diversity in food and wine. You may catch up with local celebrities, hone your culinary skills, or get cosy with a loved one in front of a fireplace as you sip Hunter Valley’s finest drinks.

Winery running festival

Beat the cold weather by sweating it out in a marathon. Join the annual winery running festival in Pokolbin. You may choose from several activities like an Ultra Marathon and a Skim Run in the Hunter. Who knows? You may win a Semillon for a prize!

Burning of the barrel

Hunter Valley welcomes the winter months in a unique style. A winter tradition widely known as Burning the Barrel is usually in the middle of June. It would be great to savour the taste of glorious red wine and artisan cheese as you listen to soulful music amidst the backdrop of the Brokeback Mountain range.

Learn survival skills at winter camp

Learn survival skills at winter camp

Winter may not be ideal for camping, but it is the best time to teach the young ones about basic survival skills. Show them how to make a bonfire to light up the place and keep you warm. You can also grill chicken, pork, and fish for a delectable lunch and dinner. The Wine Country Tourist Park is a good camping ground for kids and adults.

Find the perfect whale-watching spot

You may watch the annual migration of whales from a vantage point in coastal national parks or reserves in NSW. You may choose a sweet spot with your family from lookouts, picnic areas, beaches, or walking trails. It is a great time to bond as you watch these beautiful creatures glide through the waters from May to November every year.

Have great conversations over a cup of coffee and beverages

A great conversation starts with the rich aroma of Brazilian coffee beans blended to perfection in a cappuccino topped with dark chocolate shavings, made from renowned French chocolate, Weiss. The best seat in a coffee shop is situated on a roof deck bathed in the glorious winter sun.

Paint and sip with Pinot and Picasso

Let your creative juice flow. Take a sip of your favourite wine as you paint on a canvas. Located at Hunter Valley, Pinot and Picasso offer a one-of-a-kind paint and sip experience in Australia. You will never know what you are capable of until you try.

Embrace the cold and go bushwalking.

Embrace the cold and go bushwalking.

Have you experienced embracing the cold weather by trekking? The Hunter Valley offers some of the most breathtaking views in the region as you trek around the bushwalking trails. The peaceful and serene national parks like Yengo National Park, Watagans National Park, Mt Royal National Park, and Wollemi National Park are all in the Hunter Valley. If your legs and knees allow you, you can trek along the Great North Walk that stretches from Sydney to Newcastle. Don’t forget to pack warm food and drinks so you can have a picnic overlooking the gorgeous countryside after a tiresome but worthwhile trek.

Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment

Sometimes we are weighed down by the doldrums of daily life – a nerve-wracking boss, a mind-boggling problem at work, a string of endless to-do lists and a family’s worth of never-ending washing.  A wholesome and relaxing spa treatment is the best antidote to calm down the frayed nerves of the body. Take time to squeeze rejuvenating massage and spa into your busy tour schedule. The Hunter Valley offers a wide array of services like a body spa, facial spa, or medical spa.

Book your reservation for a winter experience now!

Book your reservation for a winter experience now!

Your friendly and professional tour guides are here at Hunter Valley Tours to help you plan and enjoy winter activities. We customise wine tours and other activities to suit your preference and schedules. Rest assured to have a safe and exciting time with your family and loved ones. Book your winter escapade with us! Call Julie today at 0456 737 888 or info@hvtours.com.au for enquiries.

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