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The Ultimate Hunter Valley Spa Day

Have a Blissful Relaxing Day in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley Region boasts numerous points of interests to satisfy every holidaymaker. Wineries, nature parks, art galleries, zoo, bars and restaurants, and many other pit-stops offer scores of activity options, but some of the most sought-after activities in the Hunter Valley are luxurious spa treatments.

Who wouldn’t want a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience, slowing down and enjoying the ultimate spa day, after days of leisure activities, with the best services the region has to offer?

Body Massage

Body Massage

When we think of a body spa, the procedure that typically comes to mind is a soothing body massage, providing blissful relief to tired muscles. There are different types of massage services, with some better known than others.

Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

These are two of the most requested massage types. Swedish massage is focused mainly on soft, long strokes with light kneading and tapping and is primarily for releasing tension and relaxing tired muscles.

Meanwhile, deep tissue massage uses firmer, deep strokes to target not just the muscles but connective tissues, as well. Deep tissue massage is excellent for strained bodies after strenuous activity or to treat sports injuries.

Aromatherapy Massage

While massage therapists may already use aroma-therapeutic oil for every massage treatment, aromatherapy massage is more precise. Using a specific combination of essential and carrier oils to address specific concerns, aromatherapy massage can elevate a typical rub-down. Whether it is to clear out breathing, alleviate muscle stress, or calm the nerves, aromatherapy massage can help.

The Maitland Wellness Centre has a comprehensive body massage and other spa services to satisfy your spa day requirements. If you are staying near the Hunter Valley Gardens, the Heavenly Hunter Massage and Day Spa is among the tourist favourites.

For the ultimate girls’ spa day experience, Elysia Wellness Retreat is well-loved by visitors and repeat clients. For the most indulgent spa day, complete with accommodation and everything else you may ever need, The Spa at Chateau Elan Hunter Valley never disappoints.

Specialty Massage

Specialty massage provides a more extensive offering, for example, an oriental spa may offer their clients Thai massage as a specialty.

Thai Massage

While it may seem relatively new to Australia, Thai massage has been around for over two millennia in Thailand. It involves stretching and the application of pressure to release tension in muscles and joints. If you are ready to give this a try, Bhutra Thai Massage and Thai Nature Massage are among the popular choices.


Another specialty massage that has its eastern origins is reflexology. It is a specialty massage focused on hand and foot therapy. As the name suggests, it targets and stimulates reflex points on the hands, feet, and even ears. It is believed that these reflex points are connected to the body’s specific organs and glands. Reflexology is profoundly relaxing though it may be a bit intimate to some.

Hot Stones

If you are concerned about muscle soreness that does not seem to go away, a hot stone massage may help. This specialty massage uses heated stones placed on different pressure points of the body. The stone works in tandem with the therapist’s hands, relieving muscle knots and tension.

Reflexology and hot stone massage are popular in many Hunter Valley spas. Sakurai Clinical Reflexology offers these specialty massages and more. You might also want to try the specialty massage treatments at the Serenity Lodge Spa and Reflections Day Spa.

Body Treatments

Body Treatments

What is an ultimate spa experience without body treatments?

Body Scrub

Body scrubs (or body polish) to exfoliate and slough off dead skin, nourishing body masks and wraps, and others help you achieve renewed skin. Body scrub treatment uses a mechanical exfoliator, such as sea salt, coffee grounds, pulverised fruit pits, and others. It is massaged on the body with oil and one or a combination of aromatics like lavender, geranium, or lemon. Of course, it is not an ultimate spa day if you don’t include body scrub before the massage treatment!

Body Masks and Body Wraps

If you get a body scrub, it will be followed up by a body mask or body wrap, or both. A body mask can be a detox treatment known to stimulate the body’s metabolic system. This kind of body mask may benefit your body by helping it eliminate waste and toxic products. There is also a hydrating body mask that helps your skin absorb nutrients and retain moisture and elasticity.

A body wrap is a special treatment that may help minimise the appearance of cellulite. Depending on the wrap used, it can have a diuretic effect on the body, which helps shed water weight.

Body treatments use natural ingredients like seaweed, charcoal, mud, and minerals. Ubika Spa at the Crowne Plaza offers decadent body scrub and mask or wrap treatment followed by a massage.

Facial Treatments and Medical Spa

Facial Treatments and Medical Spa

Facial treatments are not an out of the ordinary thing on a spa day. Facial exfoliating procedures are standard for achieving evenly polished skin after a body scrub treatment.

If you feel a little extra, you might want to include medical spa treatment in your schedule. For this, you might want to consider a medical spa, which is a cross between a day spa and a medical clinic.

Hunter Valley has medical spa facilities like The Skin Salon Medispa and Bella Face Medispa to help you. Whether it is something as simple as laser hair removal or skin tightening treatment to enhance your look, they got you covered.

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