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The Top 5 Hidden Gems of the Hunter Valley Wine Region

These 5 vineyards are worth checking out.

Going on a wine-tasting tour is truly an experience like no other. Wine-tasting tours can expose people to many new flavours without much commitment. If anyone dislikes a certain flavour, they can just skip it and move along. It can also be a fun activity to do before an event where different wines must be chosen.

The Hunter Valley is one of the best places to go on wine-tasting tours. It hosts many well-known vineyards in the country and many hidden gems that are peppered throughout the region. Many of these hidden gems are small wineries often run and owned by families. These wineries are more up-close and personal, extending a cosy and intimate hospitable experience. These businesses also often have signature wines that can never be found elsewhere.

Although they make fewer bottles than mass-producing brands, you can be sure that these wineries deliver excellent wine and unique experiences. However, booking in advance is advised since these cosy, homey wineries only operate on particular days.

4 Steps to Follow During Wine Tasting

4 Steps to Follow During Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is not complicated; however, some steps should be followed to maximise the experience. Doing these could also help you tell various wines apart.

1. Look

Looking at the wine’s physical characteristics is a good start to knowing a wine. For example, the colours and clarity of a drink can set it apart from other wines.

2. Swirl

The alcohol content of a wine can be confirmed by swirling the wine glass. High alcohol concentration is indicated by a high amount of wine droplets sticking to the glass. It can also check a wine’s viscosity.

3. Smell

Apart from the taste, breathing in the wine’s fragrances is crucial. The aroma can often add a different layer to the wine.

4. Sip

Tasting the wine is the most crucial step of wine tasting. Sip the wine and savour the flavours. Rolling the wine around one’s mouth is one way to do this.


Spitting out wine can help prevent intoxication. In wine-tasting tours, the goal is to taste the wine. Spitting will help avoid intoxication due to the number of wine samples that might be presented in tastings.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Wine?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Wine?

Humans have consumed wine throughout history. And through the years, ample evidence to support the health advantages of wine has been noted. In addition, many new studies point to the numerous benefits of consuming wine (in moderation).

  • Drinking Wine Can Improve Heart Health

According to research, people who drink wine in moderation have lower incidences of cardiovascular issues. Studies suggest that drinking wine could possibly lower high blood pressure. This can decrease the likelihood of heart disease developing. In addition, experts believe that wine’s high amount of polyphenol antioxidants aids in cardiovascular health. These antioxidants can significantly lower the risks of metabolic illnesses as well.

  • Wine consumption can combat inflammation.

There are anti-inflammatory substances that can be found in wine. Inflammation is damaging and raises the risk of many types of ailments. These include some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune conditions.

Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle and diet can help lower this risk. Wine is considered among the list of foods that can alleviate inflammation. Resveratrol, a substance found in wine, may have anti-inflammatory effects, according to studies. This can significantly aid in keeping oneself healthy.

  • Wine contains antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances that stop oxidative stress and inflammation from damaging cells. These are compounds could shield cells from free radicals thought to be involved in a number of diseases.

Wine is a drink that is high in antioxidants. This is because the grapes used to make wine contain antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols have been found to lessen inflammation.

Hunter Valley Wine Region - The Top 5 Hidden Gems of the Hunter Valley Wine Region

Top 5 Hidden Gems of the Hunter Valley Wine Region

1. Misty Glen Vineyard

The Misty Glen Vineyard is a boutique that offers more than just wine. It is located in the heart of Pokolbin and is surrounded by great views. Both traditional and experimental wines can be found here. You can have accompanying picnics with your wine tasting.

The vineyard is kid- and pet friendly, with plenty of space for play and stay. This winery is open only on the weekends, so booking in advance is encouraged.

2. Ivanhoe Wines

Ivanhoe Wines has a long history and is run by the Drayton family. The current manager of the winery is a fifth-generation Drayton family member. Grapevines were first cultivated on Ivanhoe Hill’s steep slopes centuries ago. It stretches across the base of the Brokenback Mountain range, which places it among Hunter Valley’s most photogenic vineyards.

3. Wombat Crossing Vineyard

Wombat Crossing Vineyard may be a small vineyard. Still, it is one of the most unique vineyards in the Hunter Valley region.

Many classic wines are grown on their property. These are Hunter staples such as Shiraz, Semillons, and more. Wombat Crossing Vineyard also donates a portion of their profits to Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue. Bookings are recommended here as they are only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

4. Moorebank Vineyard

At Moorebank Vineyard, you can indulge in some of the best Hunter produce and the peace and quiet of the small estate. Family-owned since 1986, Moorebank Vineyard offers a unique cosy experience unlike any other. They specialise in various amazing wines, which can be experienced in one of their wine-tasting packages. Fresh and delicious condiments from old family recipes can also be found here.

5. Elbourne Wines

The highly rated Elbourne Wines from Elbourne Boutique Vineyard can be found in the heart of the Hunter Valley. Their small vineyards make handcrafted wines in small batches using mostly old-world methods. Because of the wine’s limited availability, they are able to make wine using only the best ingredients. Their mission is to make wine of the best possible quality, safety, and ethics.

Want to Visit the Hidden Gems of Hunter Valley?

Want to Visit the Hidden Gems of Hunter Valley?

Hunter Valley Tours accepts reservations for the best wine tours around the Hunter Valley. Spending time with your loved ones can definitely be made easier by our experienced staff. With us, you can make every memory count. In the Hunter Valley, we make wine-tasting adventures exciting and engaging. Come and have unique experiences with your family and friends with us.

Here at Hunter Valley Tours, we offer both group and private wine tours. We cater to the comfort and enjoyment of our consumers by providing personalised services. For enquiries, call us at 0456 737 888 or send an email to info@hvtours.com.au.

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