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The Ultimate Road Trip: Exploring Hunter Valley by Car

Tips when driving around Hunter Valley

Planning a road trip with a loved one? Hunter Valley is one of the most romantic places to explore and discover by car.

Located 165km north of Sydney, the beautiful Hunter Valley is known not only for its finest wineries. It is also famous for its gastronomic delights and panoramic and tranquil landscapes that will surely satisfy one’s desire for a memorable escapade. Tour around Hunter Valley by car to get the most out of this experience!

How to get to the Hunter Valley

There are several ways to get to Hunter Valley: by car, train & bus, and plane.

Driving from Sydney to Hunter Valley takes around two to two hours and 30 minutes. From Sydney Harbour Bridge, take the Pacific Highway toward Hornsby. Then at Wahroonga, traverse through the Pacific Motorway north to Newcastle. From there, three exit options are available: Hunter Expressway, B82 Freemans Drive exit ramp, or Tourist Route 33 via Wollombi. Those who want to experience the best Hunter Valley has to offer should exit through Tourist Drive 33.

Another way to get to Hunter Valley is to take the train, which takes about three hours. Visitors coming from Sydney would have to catch a suburban train from Sydney to Morisset Station and then hop to a connecting bus to Cessnock. Upon arriving at the entry point, book a rental car to explore the best destinations that Hunter Valley has to offer.

Those who choose to fly to Hunter Valley can take the daily flights to Newcastle Airport. After arriving by plane, rent a car in order to visit popular tourist destinations.

Why go to the Hunter Valley by car

Why go to the Hunter Valley by car

Some choose to start their road trip from Sydney by travelling by car. Indeed, travelling by car is one of the best ways to appreciate not only the beauty of Hunter Valley but also the other neighbouring suburbs.

If one is to drive from Sydney to Hunter Valley, choose the route leading to Tourist Drive 33. Here are two reasons for taking the slower and longer route of Tourist Drive 33:

It allows one to appreciate the scenic routes going to the place of destination.

Tourist Drive 33 is a popular route for day trippers and motor riders because of the road’s stunning views. This is the best path for those who want to get to Hunter Valley at a slow pace. Tourist Drive 33 has one of the most stunning views of the countryside in NSW and much more.

Driving by car gives allows one to take the time to savour the beauty of the surroundings.

On the way to Hunter Valley, why not stop in the Hawkesbury River and take a quick visit to the oyster farms in the area? Then, explore the towns of Peats Ridge, Kulnura, Laguna, and Wollombi. These vibrant towns have plenty of dense forests, farms, and fruit orchards that make people think they are transported to a different world where everything is slower, quieter, and more peaceful.

For instance, Wollombi is a small, historic village filled with cafes, shops, and buildings that date back in the 19th century. As by-passers traverse The Great North Road or Convict Trail, they will feel as if they were taken back to the 18th century. The Convict Trail, which connects Sydney and Hunter Valley, was built by convicts between 1826 and 1836. Remains of dry-stone retaining walls, dry-stone bridges, and buttresses are still visible up to this date.

Why explore the Hunter Valley by car

Upon reaching Hunter Valley, there are different ways to get around it: joining group tours, riding a bicycle, through horse-drawn carriages, and of course, by car. For the ultimate road trip, a car is the best and most recommended mode of transport.

Even if one drives from Sydney to Hunter Valley, it is highly recommended to book a private tour with a tour company to fully enjoy the beauty of Hunter Valley. While getting lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood seems a little exciting, the tour around Hunter Valley would not be as comfortable as when someone familiar to the place is driving the car.

So why explore Hunter Valley by car? Here are some reasons:


Being in the car offers a sense of privacy to those visiting Hunter Valley. Let’s face it. Some people would really want to go on a tour with those who are familiar to them, not with strangers. If they join group tours, they might not fully appreciate the trip because other people are on the tour with them.

Freedom and flexibility

People have more freedom to choose where to go, when to take a rest, or when to eat when they are in a car compared to when they are with a big group. When travelling with a large group, there’s some sense of a hurried atmosphere. Even if one wants to stay longer in a particular place, others might want to go to another destination, and fast. Moreover, one gets to choose whether to stop at a particular destination or move forward if they are in a car.

Easy and quick

Car transport is much more comfortable compared to riding a bus. It is also the quickest way to get from one destination to another. For those on a day trip, there’s no need to worry about their personal effects and equipment because they can simply leave them behind in the car.

Explore Hunter Valley by booking a private tour with HV Tours

Explore Hunter Valley by booking a private tour with HV Tours.

Whether you arrive by train, plane, car, or bus, arrange your tour in Hunter Valley with Hunter Valley Tours. The good news is you can plan a private tour and visit your destination of choice with our private small group tour. This means you get to plan where you want to go, decide how long you want to stay, and choose your own wine-tasting experience.

We will pick you up and drive you to your destination. Come and plan your small private tour with us. Contact us at 0456 737 888 or email info@hvtours.com.au for enquiries.

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