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Planning a Girls’ Weekend in the Hunter Valley

Planning a Hunter Valley weekend getaway made easier and more fun

Whether it’s for a hens’ weekend, a birthday, a milestone celebration, or to recover, reconnect, or just take a break from the busy life, a girls’ weekend is always a great idea! Organising the perfect weekend with your best friends can be overwhelming when you are unsure which activities to engage in out of the many Hunter Valley offers. In this article, we will share ideas for that fabulous weekend getaway with the girls.

Making It Happen

Making It Happen

As with any other events big or small, it all starts with planning. The most challenging part about this is getting everyone to agree on a chosen date. Weekends are typically free for most of us, but some might still have tasks to complete during this time. Perhaps, others may already have something else planned on the same day.

Work around the schedule until you hit that sweet spot, where everyone is free to go. As the organiser, see to it that the final date and time are clear to everyone so they can arrange their schedules accordingly.

Sorting Out the Budget

Sorting Out the Budget

Determine the budget needed for your weekend retreat. It will depend largely on the accommodation and the activities that your group will agree to book. Though they might not demand to see the budget break down, it’s better to be transparent and let everyone know how much is needed and where exactly the money will be spent on, such as:

  • Where to Stay

Hunter Valley has a good array of excellent accommodations to suit every budget. Many sites offer group deals. Often, the best way to save on accommodation is by booking directly on the establishment’s website.

  • What to Do

The choice of Hunter Valley weekend activities with the girls will depend on your group’s interest. Of course, one of these would be to sample and enjoy the wines from the region’s numerous vineyards! After all, Hunter Valley is best known for being the home to more than a hundred amazing wineries. The wine tours and other activities will likely get the largest part of the budget.

  • In Case of Emergency

It’s also a good idea to include a little contingency fund in case something comes up. It could be $10-$15 per person, for example, and the cash pooled can be used for incidental expenses. If the money remained untouched towards the end of your trip, then you have a bonus round of drinks waiting and already funded for

  • Going There and Back (And Getting Around)

You also need to set aside a budget for transportation. If someone is bringing a car, things will be a lot easier as you only have to pitch in for fuel and toll fees. Rental cars, trains, and buses are also your options. If you join a tour, getting around will be a breeze as the service car can pick up and drop off your group.

Getting There

Getting There

Hunter Valley is only around 2 hours away from Sydney by car through the M1 motorway. It’s about 3 hours by bus and by train (you will have to book ahead if by train). Daily flights are also available for those who prefer to go by plane, especially if coming from distant locations like Melbourne and Brisbane.

It is relatively easy to reach Hunter Valley from Newcastle Airport. Shuttle buses, car rentals, public transport options, and even group and private transfers are available to take you to your specific destination.

Fun Activities to Do

Fun Activities to Do

In Hunter Valley, there are heaps of fun activities you and your friends will surely enjoy. There is always something for everyone — from the adrenaline-pumping skydive adventure to the more laid-back kayaking, cellar door tastings, a leisure walk at the Hunter Valley Gardens, and more! Here are some activity suggestions that your group might enjoy during your weekend jaunt:

  • Discover the Beauty of Hunter Valley from a Bird’s Eye View

Greet the morning high and above the green vineyards, rolling hills, and beautiful landscapes of Hunter Valley for an hour aboard a hot air balloon at sunrise! There will be a champagne breakfast waiting for your group once you get back on the ground. Let this refreshing experience set the tone for your day.

  • Take a Stroll at the Gardens

Stop and smell the flowers, so the saying goes. The Hunter Valley Gardens will certainly delight your eyes — and nose — with their lovely flora that covers acres upon acres of land, more than 60 in all.

  • Sample Some Delectable Cheeses and Chocolates

Treat your palate to the splendid notes of salty, savoury, bitter, and sweet at the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory and the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. Enjoy the great selection of local cheeses and heavenly chocolates and fudges. Learn the best wine pairings for these treats, and don’t forget to bring some home, too!

  • Feast on a Sumptuous Lunch

Hunter Valley boasts numerous restaurants, cafés, and pubs where your group can have a delicious lunch. Enjoy your meal, relax, and take in the beautiful scenery around as you swap stories with your friends.

  • Visit a Charming Village

The Historical Wollombi Village Walk will take your group back to its olden days. See the 19th-century sandstone cottages, guesthouses, and old buildings and take turns taking photos with the girls. Then, stop by the Wollombi Markets for some local crafts, clothes, plants, and many other items.

  • Go on a Wine Tour

What’s a Hunter Valley experience without visiting one of their world-class vineyards? Go on a boutique wine tasting tour with your BFFs and expand your knowledge and experience with the wine experts. You might also enjoy schnapps and vodka tasting as well at the Hunter Distillery.

  • Cap Off Your Day with a Spa Treatment

Relax those muscles and invigorate your mind with a luxurious spa treatment with your friends. Dip into the jacuzzi or the outdoor pool with a beautiful mountain backdrop, detoxify in a sauna, then cool down with a refreshing shower. Pamper your body with a rejuvenating massage in a candlelit and scented room.

Let the Fun Begin!

Let the Fun Begin!

If you’re here because you’re thinking of organising a girls’ weekend with your squad, then this is the sign! It’s about time you treat yourselves to weekend retreat; let your hair down, relax and have fun! Enjoy this time with your tribe as you create new memories you can look back to someday. For an enjoyable (and COVID-safe) wine tasting experience, trust the Hunter Valley Tours to arrange the transportation, tastings, and tours for you and your friends. Contact us today and let us talk about how we can help make your visit to the Hunter Valley as special and memorable as you want it to be.

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