Singleton is a small town in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its wine production and offers many wine tours to the surrounding Pokolbin area. Pokolbin is a subregion of the Hunter Valley and is home to many wineries and vineyards. When you visit the area you can enjoy wine tastings, cellar door experiences, and vineyard tours at various wineries. Some popular wineries in Pokolbin include Tyrrell’s Wines, Audrey Wilkinson, and Hunter Valley Gardens. Singleton wine tours typically include transportation to and from Pokolbin, as well as guided tastings at various wineries.

Amazing things to see and do in Singleton

Amazing things to see and do in Singleton

  • Visit the Singleton and District Historical Society Museum to learn about the history of the town and its surrounding area.
  • Go on a wine tasting tour at one of the many local wineries, such as Hunter Valley Winery, Singleton Cellars, and Rascal Wines.
  • Take a stroll through the beautiful Singleton Botanic Gardens, which features a Japanese garden, a lake, and a variety of native flora and fauna.
  • Relax and unwind at one of the town’s many cafes and restaurants, such as Singleton Farmers Market, Huxley’s, and The Grand Hotel.
  • Explore the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding Hunter Valley region, including the Yengo National Park, which offers hiking, birdwatching, and other outdoor activities.
  • Join a guided tour of the historic Singleton Gaol, which was built in the 1800s and is now a fascinating museum.
  • Visit the Singleton Art Gallery, which showcases the work of local artists and features exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Try your luck at the Singleton Golf Club, which offers a challenging 18-hole course and stunning views of the Hunter Valley.
The popular Singleton Heritage Walk

The popular Singleton Heritage Walk

The Singleton Heritage Walk is a self-guided tour of the historic town of Singleton, located in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. The walk takes approximately one hour to complete and covers approximately 1.5 kilometres. The walk begins at the Singleton Visitor Information Centre, located at 19 George Street, and takes visitors through the heart of the town, highlighting its rich history and cultural heritage.

Along the way, visitors will see several historic buildings and landmarks, including the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, the Singleton Courthouse, the historic Singleton Post Office, and the Singleton Civic Centre. Other highlights of the walk include the Singleton Museum, which displays artifacts and information about the town’s history, and the Singleton War Memorial, which commemorates the men and women who have served in Australia’s armed forces. The Singleton Heritage Walk is a great way to learn about the town’s past and to appreciate its unique character and charm.

Eating Out in the Hunter Valley

If you are looking for some yummy local spots to eat our then the Hunter Valley offers a wide range of dining options to suit every taste and budget. From casual cafes and restaurants to fine dining establishments, there is something for everyone.

Some popular options include:

  • Bistro Molines – offering a delicious selection of French-inspired dishes, with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients.
  • Margan Restaurant – showcasing the best of the Hunter Valley’s produce, with a focus on sustainable and organic ingredients.
  • Elton’s at The Carrington – offering modern Australian cuisine with a focus on local ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Vintage Cellar Door – offering a range of delicious gourmet pizzas, as well as a selection of local wines.
  • Food & Wine Trader – offering a range of delicious and affordable meals, with a focus on local produce and wine.

In addition to these options, there are many other restaurants, cafes, and pubs scattered throughout the Hunter Valley, offering a wide range of dining options to suit every taste and budget.

From Singleton to Pokolbin for your next Wine Tour

From Singleton to Pokolbin for your next Wine Tour

Vineyards are areas of land specifically dedicated to growing grapes to produce wine. They are typically characterised by rows of grapevines that are carefully tended and nurtured to produce high-quality grapes.

Wine tasting is the process of evaluating and appreciating the flavour, aroma, and mouthfeel of different wines. It involves carefully smelling and sipping the wine, paying attention to its characteristics, and assessing its overall quality.

Wine tastings can be conducted at vineyards, wineries, and other wine-related events. They are often led by trained professionals who guide participants through the process of wine tasting and provide information about the wine being tasted.

Wine tastings can be a fun and educational experience, allowing individuals to learn about different wine styles and regions, and to discover new wines to enjoy. Book your next tour by calling 0456 737 888 or find out more here by booking online.