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Hunter Valley Vineyards: What You Need to Know

Here are the reasons why you should consider visiting Hunter Valley vineyards.

Hunter Valley is internationally renowned for the beautiful vineyards and iconic wineries, not to mention the breathtaking scenery is one of a kind. Located to the north of Sydney, the region has over 150 wineries and has produced quality wines since the 1800s. There are three sub-regions of the Hunter Valley wine country, namely Broke Fordwich, Pokolbin, and Upper Hunter Valley.

Broke Fordwich has some of the oldest vineyards, while Pokolbin has the more traditional wine varieties. Still, over the years, wine producers have innovated newer tastes and experimented with different elements. Upper Hunter Valley receives less rain, affecting the irrigation of vineyards, which explain why there aren’t many wineries in the sub-region.

In the whole wine country, there are so many heritage vineyards that tourists can visit, and there’s so much to know about them.

vineyards - Hunter Valley Vineyards: What You Need to Know

Hunter Valley produces the best wines in the world.

Hunter Valley is most known for many varieties of wine, such as Verdelho, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Semillon. Hunter Valley Semillon is a great wonder of the region, and it is thanks to the unique climate of the wine country. Its distinctive rich notes are professional wine tasters’ favourite because it tastes like it spent years being aged.

Hunter Valley Shiraz is also to be proud of because the region has some of the oldest Shiraz vines, some even over 120 years old. The earthy tones of the wine are quite notable, and it’s this kind of unique characteristic that wine lovers like. There are also obscure grapes that grow in Hunter Valley, like the variety of French Hybrid red wine grape, the Chambourcin.

Hunter Valley Wines won 5 trophies at the 2017 New South Wales Wine Awards. Tyrrell’s 2005 Vat 1 Semillon winning three trophies, including NSW Governor’s Trophy for Best in Show. Such awards just prove how great Hunter Valley wines are in comparison with the other wines of the country.

Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia.

The Hunter Valley has been making wines for almost 200 years, and it is one of the best winemaking regions in the globe. Hunter Valley has over 50 acres of vineyards that are over a century old, with some even dating back to 1879. Having old vines make the region distinctive from all the other wine destinations in the country like Yarra or Barossa.

The region produces around 2% of Australia’s wine production. That is not a negative factor, because instead of mass-produced wines, the Hunter Valley vineyards produce  high-quality wines that everyone can enjoy. There are many heritage vineyards, awarded and popular wine producers, and even organic wine producers.

As Australia’s oldest wine region, Hunter Valley vineyards have old vine stocks from heritage vineyards owned by families. Still, it offers new and innovative wines from later generations.

vineyards - Hunter Valley Vineyards: What You Need to Know

The vineyards make fascinating historical attractions.

Over 25 million tourists visit Hunter Valley annually because of the variety of cellar doors to visit. Going around Hunter Valley is not only a treat for the senses, but it’s also an educational experience. Learn about the wine processes of respected wine producers and know the historical value of the land by participating in vineyard tours.

Try out local food and discover varieties of exclusive wine while enjoying the view of mountain ranges. Go on tasting sessions and don’t be afraid to ask questions because the staff at various wineries are always happy to answer any questions. They are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to accommodate queries.

Wine lovers generally consider Pokolbin to be the heart of the wine region. Everything is so picture-perfect with the stunning landscape and acres of vines. There are also old wineries and heritage buildings that feature wonderful rural architecture. Hunter Valley is surely a great attraction to visit.

Choose the best time to visit the Hunter Valley vineyards.

When it comes to travelling, you should always check the weather conditions for your intended date of travel. Generally, visiting the Hunter Valley region depends on what visitors want to experience.

Some actually prefer going from December to February because summer is right about the harvesting time of vineyards. People can also participate in exciting grape-picking festivities. Some individuals choose to visit during the springtime to see next year’s grapevines. The countryside looks so green with the sprouting leaves.

Weather-wise, the best time would be the months of March until May because there’s hardly any rain and the temperature is just right. It also happens to be photographers’ favourite time because the landscapes look even better with the bright hues.

vineyards - Hunter Valley Vineyards: What You Need to Know

Abide by the general rules of the region.

Australia’s minimum drinking age is 18 years old, so keep that in mind before bringing along teenagers along on wine tasting sessions. However, they can still enjoy the sceneries and take interest in the vineyards’ histories. Another reminder is to wear closed-toe footwear, otherwise, wineries might refuse entry.

Always check the days when the cellars are open because it would be devastating to visit a wine cellar only to find out that they happen to be closed. It is also important to book tours in advance to ensure the finality of plans. Have a good and slow pace to have the best time, because it can be overwhelming to rush from one vineyard to another just to try everything.

Exploring Hunter Valley vineyards is a great getaway because there are so many places to see and fascinating things to experience. To get the most out of your trip, try having private tours to explore the vineyard areas more easily. Even if you’re not a wine enthusiast, you might change your mind after a personalised wine tasting tour.

To explore the vineyards, contact Hunter Valley Tours.

The Hunter Valley region is so beautiful, and everyone deserves to have a hassle-free experience roaming around the area. For an intimate and unique tour experience, reach out to Hunter Valley Tours. Even if you’re a small or a large group, professional tour guides can comfortably accommodate you. There are 3-hour half-day short tours, but the whole-day tours last approximately 7 hours. Contact Hunter Valley Tours through the website or call 0456 737 888 for enquiries.

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