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10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

Hunter Valley is a region in NSW that is well known for its wineries. With a fascinating history, this is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia and is rich in natural resources. It was discovered by Lieutenant John Shortland RN in 1797 and named after John Hunter, the captain of the HMS Sirius. Vineyards were first planted in the 1820s, and the Hunter Valley experienced extensive growth in the following decades. This continued and the region is now one of the most famous wine regions in Australia.

The Hunter Valley enjoys a pleasant humid subtropical climate, making it one of the warmest wine regions in Australia. Its proximity to the ocean enables cooling breezes to permeate the region, making grape production possible. It is not only home to around 100 wineries, restaurants, and food boutiques, but it is also a region of unparalleled natural beauty. If you’re looking for a quality tour that will be worth your time and money, you must try the famous Hunter Valley wine tours.

Here are 10 reasons why you should book a Hunter Valley wine tour today.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

1. Enjoy the lush Hunter Valley scenery.

Hunter Valley bus tours give you the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the lush and scenic region. See the verdant rolling hills, sweeping vineyards, expansive farmlands, river valleys, and wildlife around Hunter. You can also see a glimpse of Hunter Valley’s coal mining industry and its picturesque wine cellars.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

2. A cheese platter at the winery is a must-try.

As wine’s most famous and best pairing – delicious and exquisite cheese is always available during Hunter Valley Wine Tours. During a stop at a winery or cheese boutique, you’ll get to taste different varieties of handmade artisan cheeses paired with available local produce and fruit pastes.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

3. Experience premium wine cellar.

If you are a wine lover, then Hunter Valley Wine tours are the best getaway for you. You will see and experience the world-class wine industry that has produces a wide variety of grapes and the exquisite award-winning wines that the region is famous for. As one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, the Hunter Valley is home to wine cellars that have perfected the art of winemaking. During a wine tour, you get to taste premium wines made from hand-picked grapes, while enjoying the rustic ambiance of wine cellars.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

4. Indulge in lunch with vegetarian and gluten-free options

Even if you are not a wine lover, Hunter Valley wine tours can offer you and your palate other gustatory experiences. There are Hunter Valley bus tours that include lunch with a 2-course meal. You can savour dishes made from local produce while enjoying a glass of wine complete with a breathtaking view of the vineyards.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

5. Comfortable transportation

A Hunter Valley wine bus tour promises you not only a sensory feast, but comfort and convenience as well. The buses are handled by professional and educated bus drivers. You will be picked up directly from your accommodation. After the tour, you will be dropped off safely. Tour buses are comfortable, with air condition and adjustable seats. At a leisurely pace, you can enjoy an enthralling view of Hunter Valley in the comfort of your bus seat.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

6. Intimate and personable tours

Hunter Valley wine tours are perfect for small groups. With a minimum of 4 people in a group, you can enjoy a wine tour with your own winery staff to assist. You can have a corporate event, a hen or stag party, a birthday celebration, a romantic date, or just about any activity with your family or friends. The relaxed and laid-back pace of vineyard tours along with a rustic view of nature is perfect for an intimate small group tour.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

7. Experience family-owned wineries

Most wineries in the Hunter Valley region are family-owned. You will encounter wine cellars and wineries with unique characteristics and experience personal and engaging encounters with the owners. You can learn about the rich family histories while getting acquainted with different wine styles and winemaking traditions during the wine tours.

10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

8. Try fresh local produce

They say that one of the best ways to know a place is to experience and taste its food. Hunter Valley is not only famous for its wines, but also for some of Australia’s finest fresh produce. Enjoy great tasting food unique to the region during the tour. Fruits and vegetables, olives, cheeses, chocolates, and deli meats are only some of the delights that you can sample during the vineyard tours.

educational tour

9. One-of-a-kind educational tour

With a long and rich history, the Hunter Valley is not only a feast for wine and food lovers. Hunter Valley wine tours are known for friendly and knowledgeable tour guides that can give you an extensive introduction to the area. Learn more about the Hunter Valley’s history, including its Aboriginal cultural heritage, through well-versed and articulate tour guides that will be with you throughout the wine tour. Tour guides will also explain to you the wine making process while you tour the vineyards.

Wine Bus Tour,Hunter Valley wine bus tour - 10 Reasons to Join Hunter Valley Wine Bus Tours

10. Experience tasty festivals

In the Hunter Valley, you can experience a wide variety of food and wine choices all in one place. Delicious food and wines are available all year round. Tasty festivals showcase the best that Hunter Valley has to offer, so expect a diverse range of award-winning wines, beers, ciders, as well as fresh produce. You can immerse yourself in the unique culture of the region through its wide selection of food.

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In the Hunter Valley, there’s more than meets the eye. A beautiful and bountiful region, it boasts a captivating history and rustic charm. If you want a great day with different experiences to stimulate your senses, then a wine and vineyard tour is perfect for you. Hunter Valley wine tours are available both on weekdays and weekends to give you an immersive trip to one of the most loved wine regions in Australia.

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